Women's Day

FCCW ministry hosts a Women's Day every three years in Southern CA

Our Next Women's Day: 2024 

 June 9, 2018

"Invitation to Unleashing the Power of the Holy Spirit"

Guest Speaker: Sonja Corbitt at Eagle Glen Golf Club, Corona, CA

Morning talk      and       Afternoon talk

 Pictures WD 2015 pictures  

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March 7, 2018:    Live Q&A conference call with Sonja Corbitt 

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  April 25, 2015

 "Invitation to meet the angels of God"  

at St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish in Riverside, CA


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Women's Day 2012


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 Women's Day 2009


Women's Day: An Invitation to: "Tea with Our Lady" 
September 12, 2009 
Event Planning Committee Members 

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 Women's Day 2006

 Women's Day "Invitation to Wisdom: Women of the New Testament"
May 20, 2006
Patricia Scileppi (FCCW Foundress), Barbara Cheddar, Peg Stelzner, 
Sr. Eileen Rafferty, Sr. Louise Bond, and Judi Hubbard.

 Mary & Martha (Debbie (Keith) Larson & Maria Lopez),
Patricia Scileppi (FCCW Foundress), Mary Magdalene (Fanny Eggen), 
Woman at the Well (Mary Kay Woodward), Mother Teresa (Gloria Gurrola)

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Women's Day 2004

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 Women's Day 2001

Women's Day "Invitation to Peace"
May 18, 2001

 Women's Day 2000

 These celebrations include song, prayer, and skits.  Here are some photos from our album.

  Women's Day "Invitation to Holiness" June 3, 2000
St. Faustina, (Janet O'Neal), Mother Teresa, (Gloria Gurrola),
Bishop of San Bernardino, Gerald R. Barnes, St. Therese of Lisieux (Fanny Eggen)