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From time to time, depending on the topic of study, fellowships may
invite an outside speaker to elaborate further on the theme or discuss a
related issue. During the year FCCW fellowship groups studied "Spiritual Gifts," the
fellowship at St. Catherine's of Alexandria in Riverside invited the
Spiritual Gifts team to speak to the group. Four members from the team spoke
on the "Gifts of the Holy Spirit" and enlightened fellowship members as
to the purpose of the charisms and how they are used.

During the year FCCW fellowship groups studied "Holiness," one fellowship invited a local university professor who role played Dorothy Day. After her presentation the members asked  questions and  learned more about this contemporary woman in the church.


Catholic Speakers 


Dr. Scott Hahn: "The Evangelical Catholic Moment?" (73min)


"The Role of the Laity in the New Evangelization" Ralph Martin (61 min)


"Pope Francis and the New Evangelization," Fr. Robert Barron, 2014 (41min)  



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